The most beautiful cat breeds.

The most beautiful cat breeds perfectly reflect how quickly the canons of beauty change in history. In the world of cats, new species are constantly appearing, which get universal recognition and attention. At one time, the focus was on Persian cats. They were worshipped. Even earlier, Egyptian priests believed that cats were guides to parallel […]


How to teach a kitten to use the toilet.

When you buy a kitten, the seller in most cases insistently convinces you that the kitten is accustomed to the tray and knows perfectly well where it can do “its own business”. But, bringing a small fluffy ball home, many owners are disappointed to notice that the kitten has no idea where he needs to […]


10 most correct breeds of cats.

Cats are ungrateful, selfish, arrogant creatures. But some of them are so amazing creatures that for their sake you can tolerate disrespectful treatment.Laperm If you want a stable increase in the yield of mice, the cat of the Laperm breed is your choice. Laperms are first-class hunters. But, most importantly, they have curly hair. You […]