10 most correct breeds of cats.

Cats are ungrateful, selfish, arrogant creatures. But some of them are so amazing creatures that for their sake you can tolerate disrespectful treatment.
Laperm If you want a stable increase in the yield of mice, the cat of the Laperm breed is your choice. Laperms are first-class hunters. But, most importantly, they have curly hair. You will never have to spend time curling a cat in curlers again! (Well, except for the fun of it.) Savanna is a high-speed hybrid of an African serval and a domestic cat. It will shock guests with a height of up to 60 cm (at the withers) and a weight of up to 15 kg (in general). By the way, savannah is not afraid of water and loves walking in the air: you can even take this cat fishing with you. Finally, you will have a witness that in-o-ot such a carp pecked! Kao-mani Yes, white cats are the most branded. And you need to wash them separately. But kao-mani has eyes of different colors. That’s why the second name of the breed is Diamond Eye, just like the name of the Bond movie. Maine Coon The name of the breed stands for something like “raccoon from Maine”. Large, fluffy and friendly-so in three words, one union and a comma, you can describe Maine Coons. Plus, they’re easy to get. Unlike other substances that lift the mood. Manx is easily distinguished from other breeds by one simple feature, or rather by its absence: Manx cats do not have a tail. This defect is caused by a genetic predisposition obtained in the course of complex breeding work. Although the law does not forbid you to pick up a stray tailless cat on the street, put it in your house and pass it off as a Manx. And what: saving and charity. Turkish Van Dog among cats. You can walk with the Turkish van — he does not mind the leash at all. But, most importantly, Van loves to swim and masterfully catches fish in shallow water. Whether to take him on a fishing trip is up to the owner: it will be a shame if the cat brings home a bigger fish. Ukrainian Lev, Of course, he is here for a reason. (Yes, the rating of cats, as well as the “Oscar”, is subject to the political situation.) But in addition to the fact that levkoi was bred in Ukraine, it has other advantages. For example, leucoi are graceful. And they probably make borscht tastier than other cats of other breeds. Anyone who gets a cat of the elf breed quickly learns to exclaim in an offended tone: “But he is very smart!» Because the cat with a more, so to speak, specific appearance inbreeding has not yet come up with. Plus, you can feel like a pioneer: since elves were registered in the late 2000s, even the average life expectancy of the breed is not yet known. Pixie Bob The one who loves six-toed cats, thinks the same way as Ernest Hemingway and Theodore Roosevelt — these two adored polydact cats. Today, six-toed cats have crystallized into the pixie-bob breed and are available to anyone who wants his pet to not only look at the ball, but also fully take it in his paw.
Munchkins are the shortest-legged cats in the world, the pride and dachshunds of their nation! Instead of standing up on their hind legs like other cats, munchkins sit on their butt and tail and can stay in this state for up to ten minutes. Yes, and they are named after the fabulous undersized people from The Wizard of Oz.