How to teach a kitten to use the toilet.

When you buy a kitten, the seller in most cases insistently convinces you that the kitten is accustomed to the tray and knows perfectly well where it can do “its own business”. But, bringing a small fluffy ball home, many owners are disappointed to notice that the kitten has no idea where he needs to go to the toilet.
Such skills do not have the slightest connection with the breed of the kitten and the nobility of its blood. If the seller says that all kittens born to his purebred pet know from birth where the toilet is, then most likely you will have to train the kitten yourself.
If you took pity and picked up a kitten on the street, then you should not rely on the innate skills of the animal.
There is nothing difficult to teach a kitten to use the toilet. We have prepared some tips that will help you quickly and easily cope with the task.
How to teach a kitten to use the toilet.
Basic rules: how to teach a kitten to use the toilet.
After the kitten eats or wakes up, take it to the tray. Do not let the kitten move freely around the house, it should always be near you. Then you will be able to quickly take it to the tray if necessary. Periodically bring the kitten to the tray so that it can get used to the smell of the filler. Buy a special filler for kittens. Adult cats do not eat filler, but kittens are likely to test it for taste. The special filler is completely safe and if the kitten eats a few pellets, it will not feel bad. If you see that the kitten does not dig the filler, then gently help him by taking the paws and starting to rake the filler. Sooner or later, the instinct will take its toll. Watch the kitten as closely as possible, as soon as you notice that the kitten is going to go to the toilet, abruptly interrupts the game and runs to the corner, then carefully lift the kitten, transfer it and put it in the tray . After the kitten goes to the toilet in the right place, do not forget to praise him, you can even give him a treat. For a kitten, the smell of its own urine becomes the determining smell, so the easiest way to teach it to the toilet is to use this smell. When the kitten goes to the toilet in the wrong place, blot the napkin and put it in the tray, it will signal the animal where it needs to go to the toilet.
Some kittens do not like the filler, so they do not go to the tray. If you can’t teach your kitten to go to the toilet in a certain place, it is quite possible that the problem is in the filler. Try changing the manufacturer or type of filler. Don’t forget to praise your pet for doing everything right. But in any case, do not scold him for going to the toilet in the wrong place. You can scare the kitten, and he will be afraid to go to the toilet. And even worse, if he decides that you are punishing him for the process itself, he will begin to hide from you and go to the toilet in hard-to-reach and inconspicuous places. Always treat the place where the kitten went, with a special means to destroy odors. Remember that it is the smell that leads the kitten to the toilet. If you do not clean up the place of his “mistake”, then there is a high probability that the situation will repeat itself. Take your time to teach the kitten this useful skill, each creature has its own speed of acquiring new habits. If the kitten started to go to the tray, and then abruptly began to ignore it, then the problem may be that the tray is not cleaned often enough. Cats are very squeamish animals, so they often just do not want to go to a dirty tray. Many animals suffer and wait for the owners to come home from work and change the filler to go to the toilet in a clean tray. Another common problem with growing kittens is that they no longer fit in the tray. The owner may not even know this if he is not watching his pet. If you regularly notice animal feces near the tray, and not in it, then think about whether your kitten has outgrown its tray. This problem is solved the easiest way — buy a larger tray.
If you do not live in an apartment, but in a private house, then it makes sense to teach the kitten to go to the toilet in the yard. You can immediately teach him exactly this skill, taking him to the toilet in the yard, teaching him that it is here that you can do “your own business”. Kittens quite quickly get used to the toilet on the street, perhaps because nature is nearby. But if you plan to keep an animal at home in the cold months, then this method will not suit you. In this case, it will be much more difficult to explain to an already grown-up kitten why it needs to go to the tray. So we advise you to first teach the kitten to the tray, and then take the tray out into the yard. Then your pet will be equally neat in the house and on the street.