The most beautiful cat breeds.

The most beautiful cat breeds perfectly reflect how quickly the canons of beauty change in history. In the world of cats, new species are constantly appearing, which get universal recognition and attention. At one time, the focus was on Persian cats. They were worshipped. Even earlier, Egyptian priests believed that cats were guides to parallel worlds. Egyptian cats were exalted as gods. After a while, sphinxes went out of fashion. They began to buy Siberians everywhere, and for a lot of money. Do you want to know what breeds are relevant today?
10 Persian cat 9 Bengal Cat 8 American Cat 7 Toyger 6 Maine Coon 5 Snowshoe 4 Scottish Fold cat 3 Burmilla 2 Ragdoll 1 British cats.
the 10 most beautiful cat breeds in the world.
A Persian cat.
Although this breed of cat is no longer accepted to worship, the Persian “fuzzies” do not lose their positions. Of course, this is due to the beauty of the appearance. Long-haired beauties have been enjoying their charisma and fur since the 17th century. It was during this period of time that they became known in Europe. Probably, cats quickly learned how to use their beauty. It is rare to see a Persian representative hunting for a mouse.
Bengal cat.
A very smart and energetic breed of cats, mixing a large set of heroes. Just imagine the roots of the following species:
egyptian cat; leopard; Asian; Abyssinian; American shorthair; Burmese and others.
All these genes have created a great athlete who is able to tolerate really great physical activity. At the same time, the cat has a beautiful coat and eyes. The Bengal cat also has good intuition. It can easily predict when your guests will arrive. But to do this, you need to learn to understand the pet.
American cat.
The shorthair breed of cat has lived exclusively in Europe for a long time. Today, it is known in all countries of the world. Why American? Because in 1600, the nobles went to America in order to improve the quality of life. They did not manage to get what they wanted, but the short-haired animal was easy to get used to. Americans quickly appreciated the beauty of this species. The conquerors of the New World arrived in the states on a ship called the May Flower. Brave cats are quite expensive, first of all, because of their extraordinary behavior.
Currently, there are only forty kennels in the world that breed this beautiful breed of cats. Beautiful fuzzies look like real predators. Charming stripes and bright eyes make pet lovers fall in love with Toygers without memory instantly. They are derived from two English words meaning tiger and toy. It is worth noting that this breed is relatively new. They were created in the 80s. It is based on Belgian breeds, and the breeder is a certain Jane Mill.
Maine Coon.
Another beautiful breed of cat that has become popular relatively recently. Maine Coons are not only beautiful, but also huge. Their history goes back to the distant past. On average, they weigh about 15 kilograms. Used to weigh 10. The color of the coat is very delicate. By the way, they need to be ironed very carefully. The cat is quite fastidious. They do not like intrusive attitudes and behavior on the part of the owner. They value freedom. They may not appear on the doorstep for a long time.
Translated as snow slipper. Among the many beautiful cat breeds, Snowshoe has long represented the standard of fashion. In the 1980s, it was first evaluated in the Philadelphia area. Later, the cat was discovered in other countries of the world. It is distinguished by the presence of white paws, a stripe on the chest and a beautiful spot. As a result, Snowshoe gets a unique look that can not be confused with other members of the family. It is worth adding that it includes the stubbornness gene. It is difficult to say unequivocally from which breed they got this trait. However, the fact that they are not obedient is certainly present.
Scottish fold cat.
Surprised? In fact, the lop-eared cat in many countries of the world is a real discovery and the personification of the elite. Many aristocrats are willing to pay a huge fortune for this breed. And it all started in 1961. It was during this time period that William Rosso from Scotland discovered the unique kittens that his cat gave birth to. However, the final formation of the beautiful breed took place in the United States. Later, different representatives of the Scottish folds began to appear, each of which differs in different ear sizes.
English breed of cats, characterized by extraordinary beauty and insight. It looks like a small cougar with the eyes of the Empress Cleopatra. It is worth saying that it is necessary to take care of this beauty very carefully and carefully. Its cover is something incredible, the luxury of burmilla. Silver color allows you to stand out among the other cats. At the same time, it is necessary to note the pronounced leadership inclinations of the breed. These cats do not like to follow someone’s instructions, but they show a great example to other pets. In cat packs, there is always one leader, which is not typical for cats at all.
Among American cat breeds, the most beautiful is the Ragdoll. Translates as a rag doll. The unusual name can be explained by the presence of reduced muscle tone. Simply put, if you put this animal in a convenient place, it is likely that it will not budge for about 12 hours. But do not call it lazy, in fact, it’s all about the physiological component of the question. By the way, these cats are completely defenseless. They constantly follow their owner and do not know how to react aggressively to dogs.
British cats.
The most beautiful breed of cats – British! Many may challenge this nomination, but take your time. This rating is conditional. If you have your own ideas on this, we will be happy to read them in the comments. But the fact of the beauty of the British cat, we are simply obliged to highlight. However, as well as the popularity not only among the British, but also other cat lovers around the world.
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